Electrical Engineering Design & Coordination

MET’s primary objective in designing electrical systems is to provide each facility with a reliable electrical systems backbone, suitable for both the planned use of the facility as well as providing clientele’s future needs.

We design electrical and electronic systems for buildings ranging from basic warehouses to technologically sophisticated facilities we continually review the latest in technology, building design practices, codes, and standards required for today’s sensitive electronic equipment.



An international firm of  engineers specializing in a wide range of  sectors.

  • Concerns about indoor air quality, life safety issues, and facility flexibility are all dealt with by our designs.
  • Mechanical systems play an important role in today’s modern facilities. Our design professionals bring their experience and knowledge of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings to each assignment as they establish appropriate technologies and cost-effective solutions towards the project at hand.


MET California Group has streamlined the construction process for our clients by providing coordination, support services and quality control.Our design and construction services work hand-in-hand throughout project development, offering practical insight into the design elements or collectively deriving solutions to unanticipated conditions encountered during construction.